Install Zune 4.7 on Windows Server 2008 R2

I recently bought a Windows Phone, and as most of tech people do, i use Windows Server 2008 R2 as a workstation for testing purposes.
I needed to install the Zune software onto my workstation and i was bumbed to find out that it is unsupported.

Here is a little workaround that got me going:
1- Download the Zune setup package from
2- Once the package is downloaded, open the command line (make sure you right click it and choose “Run as Administrator”)
3- Navigate to the directory where the zune package was downloaded using the command “cd C:\Users\UserName\Downloads”
4- Run the command “ZuneSetupPkg.exe /x”. A window will popup to prompt for where you want to extract the package. Extract it anywhere you would like.
5- Depending on your system architechture (x86 or x64) navigate inside the extracted directory to the “packages” folder (in my case x64\Packages)
6- Install the files “zune-x64.msi” and “zunewmdu-x64.msi” (again the x64 or x86 is according to your system architechture.

And you’re done 🙂

Now as i tried to install the first msi file an error occured “FirewallCA: operation ‘PreserveWirelessFWRuleConfig’ has finished with result 0 × 80070005”.
I dunno how that happened however i found a post somewhere which instucts you to replace “C:\Windows\System32\PortableDeviceApi.dll” with this one here. You also might need to take ownership of the system32 folder before you can replace it.

Another thing that i have needed was to use the Zune media sharing option to enable viewing my Zune media library from my XBox 360. It turns out you have to do the following in the following order:
1- Go to the Server Manager > Features > Install the Desktop Experience Feature
2- Open Services.msc
3- Start the service SSDP Discovery, switch the starting mode to Automatic
4- Start the service UPnP Device Host, switch the starting mode to Automatic
5- Start the service Zune Network Sharing Service, switch the starting mode to Automatic
6- Go to Network and Sharing Center > Change Advanced Sharing Settings, and turn on Netowrk Discovery and File and Printer Sharing.

And that is all. Also note that any updates that Zune requires will fail. You must download the newer version of the package again and do the same all over again and see if it works.